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Well, hello.

Bold flavours

Serving only 100% free range, grass-fed, traceable and sustainable British beef  allows us to offer an unparalleled farm to table experience in the heart of Camden.

Pulling inspiration from a global pool, The Black Cow takes a deep dive into an influx of influences, mixing an American steakhouse-style grill with Middle Eastern flavours and an open, inviting, attitude to hospitality. Seated around an open kitchen, guests are invited to peek behind the curtain as the chefs work the Josper charcoal grill, producing dishes that will welcome people to explore familiar concepts in unfamiliar territories.
Based on the concept of the Hebrew phrase
’לפתוח שולחן’
or ‘opening a table’ to our guests, The Black Cow is a new venture from chef team Shiri Kraus and Amir Batito, having returned to the restaurant business following a successful stint in private catering during lockdown. We provide a small seating for an incredibly intimate dining experience.

Amir Batito
Shiri Kraus chef

Chef Amir Batito

Born and raised in Israel, I was fascinated by cooking ever since I was a little boy. I still cannot say who was a better cook - my mum or my grandma - but they both taught me a lot. 
After travelling the world, I returned to Israel and studied pastry in Israel's largest culinary school. I may have started my path in the kitchen as a pastry chef, but I was drawn to the other side of the kitchen quite quickly. 
After working with the Machneyuda group followed by launching one of Israel's finest boutique hotel, I settled in the UK and have worked with renowned companies such as Jamie Oliver and Tony Page.
For me, food is a way to connect to people, exploring and discovering new realms.

Chef Shiri Kraus

Passionate about culinary arts from a young age, I have studied and trained with some of Israel's finest chefs and bakers. My greatest passion is baking, but I'm a true food explorer, and I specialise in Levantine and Middle Eastern cuisines. I've worked at some of London's finest restaurants (Palomar, The Barbary to name a few) - and then decided to take a plunge and set on a new adventure. I'm passionate about food education, and what makes me happy is to watch empty plates licked clean going back to the kitchen. My food goal is the type of kitchen that brings people together, and touches everyone in the deepest way possible. 

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